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JLTclothing is up on Myspace so add us to your friends! AIM (AOL instant messenger) is also up. =) Thanks everyone! Keep your heads up!


Check out this picture from Tracy Press on wednesday 10/23/2008. West High API club rocks the school with JLTclothing wear. Thanks again to everyone on API club!

Here’s a chance to show off yourself to the world with your JLT shirts! Send yer pictures to JLTclothing@sbcglobal.net



We would like to thank everyone on West High API (Asian Pacific Islander) club that supported the JLTclothing. API club was great and rocked the homecoming with thier dance moves! It was a blast to see everyone wearing it and proud to represent themselves on the clothing. Don’t hate or be jealous of the crew. “Just Love This” ===> API club crew! Send your pictures to JLTclothing@sbcglobal.net

Lets us know your thoughts on the products… This will give us the idea on what to bring out to you. =) Also like to hear any suggestions, comments and off course any ideas. Don’t be shy… =)


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  • jltclothing: No logo as JLT signature is shown in back. =)
  • Eddie Teddie: Very nice shirt. Im glad I have one aha. No Logo on the back though? It looks better w/o it anyways. aha.
  • jltclothing: Hello Angelo... We are possibly looking into bringing this to girls fit also. We'll keep you posted. Thanks!