Just Love This clothing Newz

Would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and comments.

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Lets us know your thoughts on the products… This will give us the idea on what to bring out to you. =) Also like to hear any suggestions, comments and off course any ideas. Don’t be shy… =)


14 Responses to "Would love to hear your ideas, suggestions and comments."

umm i was thinking, what about a size small? lol for like “short” people xD

Amazing shirts and ideas JLT crew. What I would like to see are more color varieties of the normal JLT design such as navy blue, white, gray, etc. The His/Her shirts are a wonderful idea. and at such a great price. Keep up the good work!

Hello Joseph and Eddie. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Really appreciate it.

The small size will be available soon. Just trying to work on designs for smaller shirts since adults has bigger design area. =)

We’re currently reviewing the color choices and see which will work based on availability of the shirts colors.

Thanks again.

I love you your concept, it really speaks out…I want to know if there is going to be any new designs anytime soon? Much love to JLT!!!

Hey Andre… Thanks for the support and comments. We do have a design coming out soon. Look out for it!

Your shirt designs are simple, but that’s what’s great about them. Good luck with your business!

Thanks Jelo… We try to keep it simple as we’re more geared to the message the shirt tells everyone. =) Let me know if you have any great ideas on design and we’ll definately look into it.

i love the shirts man.considering the fact im the first=]
lucky im out here trying my best to expand it.not just in one spot —>TRACY
haha! but yeah. oo aigh then late.hahaha!

Hey I love your guys concept. I was thinking about making the font way bigger, that would take up the whole shirt, you know? I love shirts like that.

U should have ur tealish shirt put back on. I thought that one was sexy.

Hey Jelo… I don’t remember having a tealish shirt up? We did have the ‘silver surfer’? We will have this back soon.

Good job James and thanks! Have fun!

Halle Jasmine… We will keep it in mind. We kind want to keep the details show more clearly and readable as possible. =) Thanks!

Lovin’ the JLT shirts! Simple yet it says so much and I guess that’s why I love it. You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up. Love you guys!!

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  • jltclothing: No logo as JLT signature is shown in back. =)
  • Eddie Teddie: Very nice shirt. Im glad I have one aha. No Logo on the back though? It looks better w/o it anyways. aha.
  • jltclothing: Hello Angelo... We are possibly looking into bringing this to girls fit also. We'll keep you posted. Thanks!


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