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Just Love This Clothing articled on TracyPress Newspaper

Posted on: June 3, 2009


Derrick Rodriguez, 15, works on the Just Love This clothing line produced by his family. Raquel Castillo/Our Town

Tracy resident Robert Rodriguez has created what he hopes will soon be a motivational empire.
With his wife, Ana Rodriguez, 38, and their three sons, John, Derrick and Christian, Rodriguez has created a clothing line that he hopes will one day help those less fortunate while guiding kids to do the right thing.

“Lots of kids are doing things that aren’t who they want to be,” the 35-year-old said. “They’ve become the crowd instead of being themselves.”

Just Love This, the catch phrase for his family’s clothing line, is all about expressing who you are through what you wear — without having the label wear you. The shirts feature the phrase “Just Love This” in various styles, colors and abbreviations.

“All the clothing out there right now is meant to represent other’s ideas,” Rodriguez said. “Just Love This is a personal statement to show everybody who and what you are.”

One day, Rodriguez hopes his company can become the poster for helping children in need. He heard of an already-incorporated system where, for every shoe purchased, a shoe is sent to a needy child living in a Third-World country.

As times continue to be financially tight and his business is just taking off, the reality is that, for now, this charity is just a dream. But at some point, Rodriguez is certain it will become much more than just that.

Just Love This started up in January. In the first month, the company sold more than 150 T-shirts.

“Derrick came up with the emblem,” Rodriguez said. “From there, we went into color schemes and ideas that we hoped would make our line unique.”

Derrick and John, West High students, have helped sales grow by sporting the shirts at school. Now, others have started doing the same thing, he said, and have even told the family they would like shirts for special school events. Rodriguez even created a color scheme for a shirt worn by West High’s Asian Pacific Islander Club.

Rodriguez stresses the importance of choosing who you are and being true to yourself. While he has nothing negative to say about other popular brands of clothing, he makes a point to professionally set his apart from the rest.

By creating a brand where kids can simply make a statement of who they are and start creating what they want to become, his company is helping them stay away from the “trend” of doing the wrong things, Rodriguez said.

He hopes one day to market his clothes and catch phrase to business-minded individuals as well as celebrities.

“If we can get adults wearing these clothes, it will hit even harder to kids the importance of following who you are,” Rodriguez said. “It’s all about being true to yourself.”

Just Love This is still in the building stages, but Rodriguez said more great things are to come. He said the company is looking at new avenues of marketing so the word spreads faster, and new materials to print on, including hats, shorts and pants.

“Your experience is a true-life feature,” Rodriguez said. “Indulge your inner soul and make your personal statement.”


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  • Eddie Teddie: Very nice shirt. Im glad I have one aha. No Logo on the back though? It looks better w/o it anyways. aha.
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