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JLT Myspace down????

Posted on: July 6, 2009

Woke up one morning to check webstore, news etc… Came to realize when clicked on Myspace it was gone! Account says “Invalid user ID” or “Acount deleted” I said “what the ****!? =(

Hope no hackers or haters got in it and deleted the account. Worked so hard to get it up to this far now it’s gone. =( Will find out soon what happened. I would assume contents in it cant be retrieved anymore and they’re gone. =( Gotta start all over again probably. But we’ll see… Can’t trip on something you can’t control. Stuff happens… You fall and get up again and hit harder!




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  • None
  • jltclothing: No logo as JLT signature is shown in back. =)
  • Eddie Teddie: Very nice shirt. Im glad I have one aha. No Logo on the back though? It looks better w/o it anyways. aha.
  • jltclothing: Hello Angelo... We are possibly looking into bringing this to girls fit also. We'll keep you posted. Thanks!


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