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What can i say Manny Pacquiao is one of the best fighters in the world. He will be one of the greatest and finest boxers in history. Thanks to his great team Pacquiao specially Freddie Roach his trainer. Great fight throughout the whole round with Miguel Cotto. Although Cotto was a great fighter himself, he just couldn’t get away from the punches and combinations of Pacmans quick moves. Looking forward in seeing another great fight with Manny versus Mayweather.

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Ladies JLT X 3 Stars and a Sun now available! Also 2XL and 3XL for mens is now in stock! Visit http://www.JustLoveThis.com


2 New designs hits the street. JLT X 3 Stars and a Sun & Ladies ‘Platinum’ for Her




agenda2009_thehundreds17JLT crew was at the Agenda show in Huntington Beach July 23 2009 to see what other brands is doing. New designs, products including, Hats, Jackets, Watches, Glasses etc… This place was a Blast. Saw Bobby of TheHundreds, Crooks & Castles, Black Scale, Huf, Obey, 9Five,Rocksmith +++ more! This place Rocks every year. Although we didn’t get to go last year. =( This is the place to be hanging out with like minded brands. Lots of nice sick ass designs and products! Can’t wait to go again next year. Anyways, here’s a pic of JLT we found at the TheHundreds site. lol… JLT crew in back left of Aaron Levant creator and mastermind of The Agenda show. This was captured in Huntington Beach, Ca 07/23. All this brands (below) + more were at the show.



Christian V. from Tracy is the winner of the JLT shirt giveaway. Thanks for sending in your pics. Please contact JLTclothing within 24hours to claim your free shirt.m_f9ac3852e6364b2781c5b7bf7f6f6b79

Just found out that Myspace had a glitch on thier side. Guess we experienced also what a lot of Myspace users had experienced when they saw the “Account deleted” or “No longer exist account” or something.  I thought JLT Myspace is gone forever. =( Anyways JLT Myspace is back up and running. That was a good scare as i though i had to start all over again.

Visit us at http://www.JustLoveThis.com



Woke up one morning to check webstore, news etc… Came to realize when clicked on Myspace it was gone! Account says “Invalid user ID” or “Acount deleted” I said “what the ****!? =(

Hope no hackers or haters got in it and deleted the account. Worked so hard to get it up to this far now it’s gone. =( Will find out soon what happened. I would assume contents in it cant be retrieved anymore and they’re gone. =( Gotta start all over again probably. But we’ll see… Can’t trip on something you can’t control. Stuff happens… You fall and get up again and hit harder!



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  • jltclothing: No logo as JLT signature is shown in back. =)
  • Eddie Teddie: Very nice shirt. Im glad I have one aha. No Logo on the back though? It looks better w/o it anyways. aha.
  • jltclothing: Hello Angelo... We are possibly looking into bringing this to girls fit also. We'll keep you posted. Thanks!